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Welcome to the PreteristSite! So exactly what is all this for? The purpose of this page is to list references and sources for orthodox preterist study and research. Over the past several years, I got really tired of often having to send people to heretically-based sites (which unfortunately dominate this subject on the Internet) for certain useful articles, so I decided to compile a list of alternate locations for these works. What do I mean by "heretical"? There is a relatively recent wind of false doctrine that goes by the name of "full preterism" or attempts to co-opt the word "preterism" which teaches that ALL eschatological prophecy has come to pass, including the resurrection, the Great White Throne Judgment, the destruction of satan, and the Second Coming of Christ. This is outside the historic Christian faith, and in my view, is the making of another "Christian" cult (in the theological sense, not the brainwashing or sociological sense). Although this site is intended to be more of a referral site to other resources, I do host selected articles onsite as well.

SITE MAP! (not in any particular order)

Preterist Study Resources: Here is where you will find the index of articles, books, audio files, and other miscellaneous resources to aid you in your study of orthodox preterism. The resources are grouped by type (book, article, etc.) and then by author within the categories.

The Preterist Podcast: An index of the podcast episodes with a brief summary of the content and subscription options.

Contra-Hymenæan Resources: This is the storehouse of resources to combat the Neo-Hymenæan ("full preterist") heresy in all of its forms. The resources are grouped by type (book, article, etc.) and then by author within the categories.

Resurrection Resources: Since the utter bankruptcy and foundational heresy of Neo-Hymenæanism lies in an incorrect view of the resurrection, this section lists many resources defending this backbone of the historic Christian faith. Many Christians are extraordinarily weak in this area.

A- and Post-Millennial Stuff: These two millennial camps work hand in hand with a proper eschatology (preterism) so these resources are listed to help you round out your study. Also, of course, a proper understanding of the Kingdom also refutes NeoHymenanean nonsense since no doctrine exists in a vacuum.

Contra-Dispy: As my sis Cheri says, just say no to diSpENSATIONALISM. While this view is NOT heretical, it certainly contains some large errors, and its refutation is intimately bound up with preterism.

Misc.: Cool stuff that didn't fit elsewhere such as ancient histories, reference books, and non-preterist (yet) works.

Author Index: An index of all the material listed here, by author.

Site Information: Here is where there are answers to some selected questions about me and the site.

It's Not the End of the World!: This is my verse by verse exposition of the Olivet Discourse using the text of Matthew 24. It is updated regularly with new information from research sources.

The Preterist Blog: This is the site's blog with numerous rants and musing on various topics as well as including the site updates as they happen. The RSS feed for the blog is feed:http://

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: An index of the more important blog articles by subject for easier research.

TheologyWeb: Hands-down the best theology debate site on the Net. Of course I may be a tad bit prejudiced. The eschatology section is restricted to orthodox points of view so no worries as happens on so many other forums where the hyperpreterists taint the orthodox voice. We have a very vibrant orthodox preterist community, and some very strong futurist defenders.

The DDW Files with updated listing of my most notable blog rants and raves.

Interesting Blog Entries: Blogs which may not be substantive or on point enough to be an index entry but which contain useful information with regards to eschatology and related topics.

Free Books: Here I have a listing of free book resources so that "unbiased" sites hosting heretical material are not the only place to find these. Heck yeah I'm biased. Orthodox Christianity is right and everyone else, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, heretical distortions (hyperpreterists, arians, sabbellians, etc., are wrong. It's not that difficult of a concept to grasp.

Book Reviews: An index of book reviews for the works on this site or noteable eschatology books from other points of view, including hyperpreterist works that are soundly spanked.

Audio Files: An index of free audio files available.

Disclaimer!: These lists are posted for reference purposes only in that there is information of use in the resources posted. This does not entail endorsement by me of every point of view expressed, some of which I would strongly disagree.

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